Sunday, January 27, 2008


Originally uploaded by KnittyBits

Each time I look at the photographs in the album, I am drawn to this particular image. I love the way directional quality of the composition. The path and the trees seem to point to the lone figure walking away. I wish I could see more of the landscape. What's over the horizon? Where is that person going? What's behind the photographer? Is the rest of the landscape as barren as this photograph would suggest? What's the relationship of the photographer to the person in the photograph? So many questions from such a simple, yet beautiful image.


  1. Having looked at the set you put on Flickr, I'm guessing that this is part of a series of shots taken in China. (As you probably know, the Japanese invaded Manchuria in the early '30s and then moved south in 1937, I think.) This is no more than guesswork, but the plains landscape here would seem to be more characteristic of northern China or Manchuria -- though you've indicated that one of the other pictures you've found in the album is from Nanjing, which is well to the south of where I'm guessing.

  2. By the way, I agree that it's a beautiful composition.