Friday, September 7, 2007

Mt. Fuji from Misakatoge

This is one of my favorite (non-portrait) photographs in the album. I gently removed the photo and was surprised to find "Mt. Fuji from Misakatoge" stamped on the back above Japanese printing. I'll have to carefully look under the other photos. I'm betting that this photo was purchased as a souvenir. It's only about 3"x2" in size, but I like it.

The following excerpt is the only English language reference I could find to Misakatoge on Google. All other references are in Japanese and I'm finding translation difficult.

"Japan as Seen and Described by Famous Writers"
By Esther Singleton
"I must pass all too rapidly over the day during which we crossed the range into the next valley, by the Misakatoge pass, of which nothing was known by Europeans, and very little could be learnt from the Japanese. Suffice it to say that the view of a deep valley between wooded mountains, with a dashing river shining green along its wide bed of white stones, seen through a dazzling foreground of pink and white azalea, was one which for beauty, I have never seen surpassed."

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